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Fight off the cold and flu in 2012

It's cold and flu season again, so parents should be prepared to combat the barrage of coughs and sneezes for 2012. Every year more than 60 million people will be affected by the cold or flu in the United States alone, so knowing how to identify , prevent and treat each disease is important for keeping your family healthy this year. Read More.

How are Asthma and Allergies related?

Allergies can cause or trigger asthma symptoms. If your child has allergic asthma, allergens (such as pollen, mold or dust mites) cause the lungs' airways to react, and asthma symptoms to flare up.
Allergies and asthma are related, but they aren't the same condition. If your child has asthma and allergies, both conditions need to be treated and managed.

Dr. J. Philip Peter, M.D.

Dr. J. Philip Peter's passion for pediatric medicine spans three continents and nearly a decade of study and training. Now he's bringing that expertise to the children of the Emerald Coast. Dr. Peter was recently honored by the American Academy of Pediatrics for going above and beyond in Children's Healthcare and was awarded a Pediatric Hero Champion for Children award.
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The RSV Season Is Here

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) season is here! It's very common this time of the year, but you can help protect your baby. RSV is easy to catch, but some babies are at higher risk. The signs can seem like a cold, but it can get severe very quickly. The symptoms can include wheezing or coughing, trouble breathing, fast breathing, and trouble eating or drinking. If your child shows any of these symptoms call our office right away. 850-683-5100

Sacred Heart Pediatric Residency Training

We are proud to announce that because of Dr Peter's exemplary pediatric care to patients his love and passion for children especially children with special needs Crestview Pediatrics has been chosen to be a Sacred Heart Pediatric Residency Training site with Dr Peter has a teaching director.